Bumping your bank's ATM

People queueing outside the ATMWhat's wrong with this picture?

For me, it's that too many customers are waiting to use the ATM. How many times have you had to wait in a queue, wasting your time? Why haven't banks streamlined this process already?

I propose an alternate ATM customer interaction model. I'm not trying to deliver a fully-functional solution.  I am however, horizon gazing, and want to get some creative thought juice around disrupting the current way we interact with our bank ATMs.

The new way: Bump your ATM

The new interaction model is simple. As a customer, you:

  1. Define your details on your mobile device (PIN, account, withdrawal amount, etc)
  2. Approach the ATM and 'bump' it with your mobile device
  3. Cash is dispensed (or deposited) and the transaction is complete.

The term 'bump' may be ambiguous, but it refers to a technology that already exists- Bump App. This app allows individuals to exchange contact information just by tapping or 'bumping' their smart phones together. This interaction model has been adopted (acquired) by PayPal to provide a phone-tapping money transfer service.

Could we re-engineer this technology and apply it to ATM's?

One immediate advantage I could see with bumping an ATM is avoiding situations like this, which lead to this (HT @ScottRhodie ;) )

I ran the idea by @jwswj, @dkeeghan, @KristianTT and @haribilalic over a lunch at Captain's of Industry. The response was positive.

What do you think?